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FTSE 100 male board directors


People in minimum wage jobs who are women


The full time work gender pay gap


'Top Jobs' occupied by women

What We Offer

Companies and individuals around the world are registering with Balanced Boards, allowing us to diversify corporate boards globally. Drawing on our extensive database of current and aspiring executive and non-executive directors, we place highly qualified women and ethnic professionals on the company boards that best suit each individual’s skills and requirements. We also offer optional paid mentoring, training and career guidance services to give demographic minorities the support they need.

Our mission is to diversify the corporate landscape across the globe—not only for the benefit of experienced and qualified minorities aspiring to boardroom positions, but for the benefit of companies seeking to heighten their competitiveness and viability in today’s highly globalised, cosmopolitan world. This benefits everyone, in every race, both genders, all ages and in every region.

Our services are successful because when women and ethnic minorities are given the opportunity to serve on corporate boards, this leads to better decision-making strategies, heightened creativity and more rounded risk management in all aspects of company operations. The result is a more balanced and effective business, benefiting the staff, customers and its stakeholders.

Not only do our Individual Services provide the opportunity to be placed on the board of a top international company, but we also give the additional support and guidance that aspiring executive and non-executive directors may need to perform at their absolute best, teaching them how to harness the unique experience and perspective of their minority background to their advantage and that of the company.

  • Consulting 80%
  • Mentoring 45%
  • Advisory 95%

Corporate Governance Matters

Most Board Members Are Men

Positive financial and operational impacts of gender-diverse boards.

Equality Legislation

Improving gender parity in private company boards

Positive Discrimination

Typically women and ethnic minorities don’t believe in positive discrimination

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