Free Opportunity Registering (FOR)

1. Register for free:

No matter where your business is based, your size or structure, you can register the company and the role/opportunity with BalancedBoards at no cost. This is our USP, most websites would charge a fee from the company or the candidate. We do not do either but passionately believe in equal opportunities for all will provide benefits for all.

2. Post your board role/senior opportunity:

Post your board-level positions to the portal. Each position should be accompanied by a job description outlining the requirements and the skills and experience needed for the role. Time scales for filling the post should also be indicated as well as your point of contact.

3. Diversify your board:

Once we’ve received your board opportunity and have responded to verify your contact details and business details, we will then authorise the role to be posted on our website. Thereafter, depending on timescales we will review on our extensive international database of highly skilled and diverse current and aspiring directors to provide a shortlist of the best candidates.

4. Select the ideal candidate/s:

Candidates can then be interviewed by telephone or in person. If you choose subsequently to offer a role on your board then a fee will be payable to Balanced Boards. This fee is typically 10% of annual remuneration.  This will be your choice entirely but will take your company one step further to achieving a diverse, dynamic board.

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