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Is Balanced Boards a charitable organisation?

Balanced Boards is not a charity. We operate as a privately owned business and offer paid services. Visit our Company Services and Individual Services pages to learn more.

How big is BalancedBoards?

The BalancedBoards founder is Jeff Green and started the business in 2015. Jeff has a small team and is privately funding the business as a passionate believer in the mission to provide tools, skills and help to the next generation of balanced boards anywhere in the world.

What other services does Balanced Boards offer?

In addition to providing a database for companies and directorship individuals, Balanced Boards also offers optional mentoring, one-to-one training and career guidance services for individuals seeking board-level experience around the world. We also offer a discreet bespoke retainer-based Placement Service for companies not wishing to have their company name known. Visit our Services page for more information.

How much does it cost to join the Balanced Boards database?

£120 (+VAT) per year for individuals.  We’ve designed our service this way to encourage the development of a talented, richly diverse pool of aspiring and current non-executive and executive directors from all around the world and to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for top companies to access this ever-growing pool.

How much are the fees for the paid for Services?

The fees in general are not covered on the portal due to the bespoke nature of the services. However, all fees will be agreed in advance and depend on location, service type, current skill set and requirements. For companies, the services will commence with an initial free consultation either in person or by conference call.

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