While companies can do their part to meet voluntary and statutory quotas, the onus is on the individual to pave the way for achieving talented diverse boards around the world. At Balanced Boards, we make this goal possible by placing current and aspiring non-executive directors (NEDs) and main board members in board-level positions at companies around the world


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Companies from around the world can now source you to be placed on their board

At Balanced Boards, our mission is to place more women and ethnic minorities on corporate boards, helping companies improve their decision-making processes, competitiveness and overall performance.

Current and aspiring executive and non-executive directors can sign up to our service and access unparalleled opportunities for placement on corporate boards around the world. With optional one-to-one training, mentoring and career guidance services offered as a service, registered individuals can also benefit from the extensive experience of our selected worldwide mentors. This will build their skills and problem-solving abilities, giving them the confidence to believe in themselves and take that next step to achieve goals that perhaps weren’t even considered.

As we work to see improved ratios of women and minority demographics in corporate boardrooms, we welcome current and aspiring directors of every gender, race and age. It is important to note, the services are for everyone, with a special emphasis on diversity. That way, everyone benefits from more profitable companies. For more information, visit our Individual Services page.

We encourage women and minority individuals to register and pursue their ambitions of taking on executive and non-executive board positions. In addition, we provide a placement service for hiring companies.

Build the right skills

Individuals register on our database and can be searched for by worldwide companies looking for diverse and balanced leadership.

Our entirely optional one-to-one training, mentoring and career guidance services allow you to hone the skills needed to be a top-performing board member with leadership, time management and communication skills, as well as problem-solving abilities.

Please contact us for costs and current availability.

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Register senior opportunities on the website, entirely for free and gain access to our international database of diverse and highly qualified current and aspiring non-executive and board directors.

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A confidential retainer based service where BalancedBoards would search proactively on your behalf for the right candidate with diversity and balance in mind anywhere in the world.

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